September 04, 2018



Imago Shopping mall celebrates the night with the winning of Gold Award in Best Experiential Marketing for 2018 in Category B for malls with a NLA of 500,001 – 999,999sq.ft. The announcement made during the Glam Hatter’s Gala dinner held at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya and was enlivened with attendance of Ministry of Malaysia Tourism.

August 28, 2018

Imago Mid-Autumn Festival 2018


“Eternal Wish”

7 Sept 201824 Sept 2018

West Avenue, Ground Floor

Colourful lanterns illuminated like stars against the inky black night, the lanterns were the dreams of those who lit them. This Mid-Autumn Festival, Imago Shopping Mall brings you the colours of the lights. Under the silvering moon light, come and experience the joy of Mid-Autumn festival with us.

During this event period, come to Imago Shopping Mall not only to bring home with you a cute lantern for free but also gets to handmade a wishing stars to make your wish come true! Activity is available every day throughout the event period at West Avenue, Ground Floor from 7th Sept 2018 – 24th Sept 2018, activity starts from 12.00pm until 8.00pm every day (limited lantern every day, first come first serve basis)!





五颜六色的灯笼如星星般照亮漆黑的夜晚,灯笼代表着点燃者的梦想。 这个中秋节,Imago我格广场为您带来色彩缤纷的灯光。 伴着月色与我们一起欢庆这中秋佳节。



“Impian Abadi”

07 Sep 2018 – 24 Sep 2018

West Avenue, Tingkat Bawah

Lampu tanglung yang berwarna-warni menyinar seperti bintang-bintang yang menerangi malam yang suram, cahaya lampu tanglung melambangkan impian milik mereka yang menghidupkan lampu tanglung tersebut. Pada pesta tanglung kali ini, Imago Shopping Mall membawa anda keindahan warna-warni cahaya tanglung. Dibawah sinaran cahaya bulan, datang dan alami kegembiraan perayaan Mid Autumn bersama kami.

Sepanjang acara ini berlangsung di Imago Shopping Mall, anda akan membawa pulang sebiji tanglung serta origami bintang untuk menyatakan impian anda. Aktiviti ini terbuka setiap hari bertempat di West Avenue, Tingkat Bawah bermula dari 7 Sep 2018 sehingga 24 Sep 2018, setiap hari bermula pada pukul 12 tengahari sehingga 8.00 malam!



Stay tuned for more updates via Imago Shopping Mall’s official Facebook page, Imago Shopping Mall’s official website or visit our redemption counter at West Avenue, Ground Floor for more information.

欲知更多详情,请登入IMAGO我格广场的官方网站/脸书 或前往位于一楼西广场的兑换台咨询。

Nantikan maklumat lebih lanjut dari kami melalui Facebook Imago Shopping Mall, laman web rasmi Imago Shopping Mall atau lawati kaunter penebusan kami di West Avenue, Tingkat Bawah.



May 18, 2018

Harvest Festival & Hari Raya Celebration - Wondrous Serenity


"Wondrous Serenity"

25 May 201824 June 2018

The Oval, Ground Floor

This Harvest Festival and Hari Raya celebration, Imago Shopping Mall brings you an exceptional wondrous experience with a touch of cultural elements and the harmonious tradition celebration. Be mesmerized with the beautifully crafted Minangkabau while enjoying the built in langsaran. Truly an experience to remember with two cultures harmoniously collide. 

Just spend RM100 and above in a single receipt at any outlet in Imago Shopping Mall to get a single ticket and join the fun or get our special designed Raya Packet (maximum 5 items per single receipt) for free! Present your present-day receipt(s) at our redemption counter at The Oval, Ground Floor from 25th May 2018 - 24th Jun 2018, redemption and events starts from 11.00am until 9.00pm every day!



"Kedamaian Singgahsana"

25 Mei 201824 Jun 2018

The Oval, Tingkat Bawah

Sempena Pesta Kaamatan dan Hari Raya, Imago Shopping Mall membawa anda pengalaman yang luar biasa dengan sentuhan unsur-unsur kebudayaan dan perayaan tradisi yang harmoni. Hayati keindahan Minangkabau yang mempersonakan sambil menikmati pengalaman aktiviti langsaran. Nikmati keunikan pengalaman untuk di ingati dengan keharmonian apabila dua budaya bertemu.

Hanya berbelanja RM100 keatas dalam satu resit dari mana-mana kedai yang terdapat di Imago Shopping Mall untuk mendapatkan tiket permainan atau menebus Raya paket yang direka khas (Maksimum 5 penebusan bagi setiap resit pembelian) secara percuma! Pamerkan resit pembelian anda di kaunter penebusan di The Oval, Tingkat Bawah bermula dari 25 Mei 2018 sehingga 24 Jun 2018, setiap hari bermula pada pukul 11.00 pagi sehingga 9.00 malam!





结合文化元素和和谐氛围的传统庆典,在这丰收节和马来新年里, Imago我格广场为您带来了非凡的体验。在欣赏匠心独具的马来建筑“米南佳保”的同时,也可以体验沙巴土族在独特的跳床。在这里让您体验并记住两种文化的和谐邂逅。



 Stay tuned for more updates via Imago Shopping Mall’s official Facebook page, Imago Shopping Mall’s official website or visit our redemption counter at The Oval, Ground Floor for more information.

Nantikan maklumat lebih lanjut kami melalui Facebook Imago Shopping Mall, laman web rasmi Imago Shopping Mall atau lawati kaunter penebusan kami di The Oval, Tingkat Bawah.

欲知更多详情,请登入IMAGO我格广场的官方网站/面子书 或前往位于一楼中庭的兑换台咨询。

March 24, 2018

Imago 3rd Year Anniversary

After 3 whole years, 1095 nights and days, Imago Shopping Mall has grown to be the top shopping mall in Sabah, or even in the entire East Malaysia. Since the opening, we’ve obtained two 5-star international property awards (Malaysia), the best marketing gold award (Malaysia) and the best Sabah tourism shopping mall award, etc.

In the years full of opportunities and challenges, in this beautiful, peaceful and splendid season, Imago Shopping Mall shall welcome its 3rd birthday. From 2015 "EMERGENCE", 2016 "INTENSIFICATION", to 2017 "ASCENSION",our 2018 "EXULTATION" truly represents the deepest JOY. Imago Shopping Mall, with joyful mood, will celebrate this anniversary with everyone to share our countless achievements!

As close as lips and teeth, as intimate as ears with cheek! At 7.00p.m. of 24th March 2018, we will hold Imago Shopping Mall Tenants Award Ceremony at Ground Floor, The Oval to express our gratitude for the support and cooperation from our tenants all this time along.

We’re willing to walk on this hard life path as long as you’re by side.

Let us speak out with deep affection: IMAGO, happy birthday! We wish you grow better and better in future days! We wish you a smooth journey ahead and a brilliant future!

March 23, 2018

Asia Dance Live 2018

Time flies, Imago Shopping Mall is turning 3!

This 23rd and 24th March at 2pm till 6pm, the masters from top hip-hop dance institution in China, CASTER DANCE STUDIO will be making a special appearance in Imago Shopping Mall! Come feel the rhythm within you, to pop, lock and break with them at ASIA DANCE LIVE 2018!

During this two days of ASIA DANCE LIVE 2018, 9 international level of dance instructors will be in Imago Shopping Mall. They will be conducting free dance workshop, culture lecture, and dance showcase just for you! Come and join us, together let the music of your soul, guide you in this dance of life!
#Exultation  #AsiaDanceLive2018


时光飞逝,Imago Shopping Mall 3 岁了!
3月23日以及24日下午2点至6点,来自中国顶尖的嘻哈舞蹈工作室CASTER DANCE STUDIO 专程赶来Imago Shopping Mall, 邀请您参加ASIA DANCE LIVE 2018,灵动的舞姿,张扬的个性!感受节奏,释放自己!

在这2天的ASIA DANCE LIVE 2018, 9位国际级的舞蹈导师将在Imago Shopping Mall 进行免费舞蹈教学,文化交流和舞蹈表演等精彩节目等着您。来吧!让我们一起用美妙的音符编出灿烂的人生乐章!
#Exultation #AsiaDanceLive2018

February 03, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018 - Lion & Dragon Dance Performance

Dong Dong Qiang!! Dong Dolong Dong Qiang!

Hearing this rhythm from afar, and you'll know Chinese New Year is just around the corner!! Feast your eyes on the mighty traditional lion dance during the weekends throughout the Chinese New Year month in Imago Shopping Mall! Come join us and be showered with all the good fortunes. May you be blessed abundantly in the coming year!
#FortuitousWindfall #ImagoKKTS #CNY2018
February 02, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018 - Fortuitous Windfall


在新春佳节来临之际,IMAGO我格广场为您带来生机盎然的新春气息。 林荫大道,落叶缤纷,化成点滴新年祝福,伴随你我身旁。 金色满园祝您步步高升, 姹紫嫣红许您吉祥如意。
"Fortuitous Windfall"
This Chinese New Year, Imago Shopping Mall brings you the colours of spring heralding springtime. The blossom arrives, the trees that line the avenue are clothed in dreamy colours, as if they are ready for a fortuitous encounter. Pathways carrying bundles of messages, turn the wheels of luck and bring back with you a windfall of fortune.
Just spend RM100 in a single receipt at any outlet in Imago Shopping Mall to get our special designed Ang Pow packet (maximum 3 Ang Pow packets per receipt) for free! Present your present-day receipt(s) at our redemption counter at The Oval, Ground Floor from 2nd Feb 2018 - 4th Mar 2018, redemption starts from 11.00am until 9.00pm every day!
Di Tahun Baru Cina ini, Imago Shopping Mall membawa anda hiasan indah warna musim bunga. Pohon bunga yang mekar dibaris jalan tersergam dengan warna-warna yang menarik, tersusun rapi pada musim bunga ini. Setiap laluan memberi satu erti, putarkan roda bertuah dan bawa pulang kerbertuahan tahun baru ini.
Hanya berbelanja RM100 dalam satu resit dari mana-mana kedai yang terdapat di Imago Shopping Mall untuk menebus paket Ang Pow yang direka istimewa (Maksimum penebusan 3 paket Ang Pow bagi setiap resit) secara percuma! Pamerkan resit anda di kaunter penebusan di The Oval, Tingkat Bawah bermula dari 2 Feb 2018 sehingga 4 Mac 2018, setiap hari bermula pada pukul 11.00 pagi sehingga 9.00 malam!
#FortuitousWindFall #CNY2018 #ImagoKKTS
November 23, 2017

Christmas 2017 - The Odyssey

The Odyssey, a magical and joyous journey celebrating the festive season of Holy Christmas. Santa Claus is flying high above the clouds delivering presents to all the very good boys and girls around the world. Sailing through magical stories promises to be the best Christmas treat you won’t want to miss. A truly unforgettable experience which includes the magical moment sailing with the magical boat!


Kembara Layar, pelayaran ajaib dan riang menyambut musim perayaan Hari Natal 2017. Santa Klaus meluncur tinggi di atas awan dan menghantar hadiah kepada kanak-kanak lelaki dan perempuan yang bersikap baik pada tahun ini di seluruh dunia. Nikmati pelayaran menakjubkan melusuri cerita-cerita fantasi pasti menjanjikan sambutan Hari Natal yang terbaik anda pernah alami dengan pelayaran bot yang amat menakjubkan.

#ImagoTheOdyssey #ImagoKKTS

October 20, 2017

Trick or Treat

"Sticky Fingers, Tired Feet;
One last house, Trick or Treat!"

We’ve been waiting for just such a night, to practice mayhem and mischief and other such frights… All kids aged 15 years old and below are invited to haunt our mall with their best costumes
Dress up in your most creative Halloween costume and stand a chance to win prizes up to RM 2,500.00
Participants can pre-register themselves by fill out the registration form and hand over to our concierge, redemption counter, or via our Facebook Trick or Treat Event page. Registration forms are available at our redemption counter and concierge. On the 28th October, participants with costumes can register themselves at Imago Shopping Mall‘s West Avenue’s registration counter for free and get yourself a pumpkin basket (First come First serve basis).
Only children aged 15 years old and below are eligible.

October 12, 2017

The Playground

 “The Playground

There is a small and quaint little village deep in the heart of Borneo. Recently, village kids have been reported missing, the villagers looked everywhere for them but to no avail. Kemiri and Kemira, twins aged 5, are the latest missing kids. According to their parents, the twins went missing somewhere near the playground. No trails and signs to be found in the playground but what caught their eyes is they found Kemiri’s left shoe right outside of the abandoned candy house nearby the playground. Are the kids inside the candy house? Does the candy house has anything to do with their disappearance?”
“Taman Permainan
Terdapat sebuah perkampungan kecil dan aneh di tengah-tengah Borneo. Baru-baru ini, kanak-kanak kampung banyak yang di laporkan hilang, penduduk kampung mencari mereka di serata tempat tetapi tidak membuahkan hasil. Kemiri dan Kemira, kanak-kanak kembar berusia 5 tahun adalah mangsa hilang yang terbaru. Menurut ibu bapa mereka, kanak-kanak kembar tersebut hilang berhampiran dengan taman permainan. Tiada jejak dan tanda-tanda yang terdapat di taman permainan, tetapi ada sesuatu menarik perhatian mereka. Mereka mendapati kasut kiri Kemiri berada di luar rumah gula-gula yang terbiar berhampiran dengan taman permainan. Adakah kanak-kanak tersebut di dalam rumah gula-gula? Adakah rumah gula-gula ada kaitan dengan kehilangan mereka?”
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