August 05, 2017


Ever dream to be a part of something enchanted? We invite you to take a stroll in our "Spellbound - The Enchanted Forest". Experience the once in a life time adventure of your 5 senses. From a sophisticated wedding dress to a fashionable suit, behold and anticipate. IMAGO Shopping Mall is organizing its FIRST EVER extraordinary Bridal Fair 2017 from 11 Aug to 20 Aug 2017.

希望体验梦幻般的场景?我们邀请您一起漫步在这”翠绿欲滴-梦幻之林”。欣赏华丽又典雅的婚纱,霓裳羽衣的婚纱展让您沉溺入脱俗的场景。IMAGO 我格广场即将举办第一场婚纱展, 与8月11日之20日 2017 年。我们约定您!

Ingin menjadi sebahagian daripada sesuatu yang mempersonakan? Kami menjemput anda untuk mengunjungi "Memukau-Persona Hutan Kayangan" kami. Alami dan merasai pengalaman yang menakjubkan hanya di IMAGO Shopping Mall, yang ulung kalinya menganjurkan Pesta Pengantin 2017 dari 11 Ogos hingga 20 Ogos 2017.






May 20, 2017

Harvest Festival & Hari Raya Celebration 2017

Over here! Do not forget and do not missed out! Just ONE DAY away from the exciting double festives ONLY in IMAGO! Experience the Bountiful. Blessed of Harvest Festival and Hari Raya. IMAGO will be bringing you to a golden scenery like no where else. Thrilled and cant wait to join us?! Fuel up your car and charge your power bank, IMAGO's golden scenery awaits!! 

Oh wait! Do you like surprises? Drop by IMAGO during weekends on 12pm, 3pm and 8pm. We have prepared a small surprise for you and you only.
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