February 20, 2020



覆巢之下 安有完卵

It seems that the year 2020 will be a very difficult year, but it may yet be full of hope! We are undergoing a critical period as the COVID-19 virus outbreak affects us in more ways than one as we are all, regardless of race, culture or creed, united in a race against time, united in a race for survival, united in a race to overcome the unprecedented difficulties and challenges our business operations are facing. Imago sincerely express our deepest appreciation to all our tenants for working together with us to overcome this outbreak and to provide the best environment possible to our patrons.

In good times, we prosper together. In difficult periods, we support each other. Since the outbreak, and despite having no existing cases of infection here in Sabah and the operational difficulties engulfing us, our pledge to provide the best possible environment has not been forgotten. We are one of the first malls in Malaysia, if not the first, to undertake a property-wide professional disinfection upon receiving news of the outbreak. We were also not afraid to suspend certain concierge services such as wheel-chair, shopping trolleys and baby strollers to prevent the possibility of cross-infection in the interest of our patrons your customers. We stepped up the cleaning of our ventilation and air-conditioning system (VAC). We even provided additional automatic hand sanitisers at entrances to Imago. We increased our inspection frequencies of all our amenities and ensure they are in the best condition possible. Most important of all, we are here to provide the best environment for your business to thrive!

We hope that you are with us every step of the way as we face all challenges together, achieve our aspirations together! Coming together was just a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success. We, Imago, stand by you!

Fight on, Wuhan! Fight on, China! Fight on, Imago!