February 28, 2020



Tourism, as one of the main economic drivers, has demonstrated the vibrancy and vitality of Sabah. The statistics of flights, tourist arrivals, hotel occupancy, amongst others, have shown just how prosperous Sabah has become from the countless employment opportunities to the wealth created. All these comes from the sweat and tears, dedication and support, of every tourism professional braving the sun and rain in quietly promoting Sabah. Although your faces and names may not be known and remembered to every one of us, it is your hard work and dedication that drove the rapid growth in this important industry. You are the unsung heroes, the guardians of this industry. We, Imago, remember you!
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) has disrupted the industry. As tourism comes to a virtual halt, we know that some of our brothers and sisters in the tourism industry have lost their jobs. We understand your troubles. We feel your worries. We, Imago, remember you!
We are here to help in any way we can to support each other, to face the challenges together. Therefore, Imago will be running a special campaign to create 64 temporary positions in the form of “Service & Goodwill Ambassador” in March-April 2020, and we encourage you to join us. With limited capacity that can only cater to some of you, we hope you will join hands with Imago, and continue to show the world that Sabahans are friendly and welcoming to all regardless of race, culture or creed and to spread love and hope!
Dear respected brothers and sisters in the tourism industry, the road in front may be uncertain, but we believe that the journey will be spectacular nonetheless! Without the night, we would never see the stars. Without the darkness, we would not welcome the dawn of light. Have faith and persevere, the silver lining is just around the corner.
We, Imago, stand by you!