May 20, 2020

FREE RAYA PACKETS for all Imago Shoppers on 21st May 2020!

  The holiday weekend is around the corner and many of you have been doing festive shopping at Imago. Everyone is clearly in the mood for Raya! To further lighten up everyone’s festive mood during this CMCO period, we will be giving out free Raya packet to all shoppers on 21st May 2020, tomorrow.

Each shopper can get one (1) pack of Hari Raya packets from Imago Shopping Mall!
We are giving out Hari Raya packets at:-
1) Ground Floor – Main Entrance (near Coach)
2) Basement Floor - Entrance (near Everrise)
3) Ground Floor – North Avenue Entrance (near Starbucks)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, stay vigilant and stay safe!