September 07, 2021

Available Entrances, Lifts, and Restrooms

  Dear Valued Shoppers,


Our operating hours are from Monday to Sunday, 10.00AM - 8.00PM.


Before entering the mall, make sure you've scanned Mysejahtera, taken your body temperature, and sanitized your hands.


During this time, we will also restrict access to entrances, lifts, and restrooms to improve prevention and accessibility. For information on the available entrances, lifts, and restrooms, please refer to the points listed below: -


Mall Entrances

1 Basement Floor Entrance (Next to Everrise)

2 Ground Floor South Avenue Main Entrance (Next to Coach)

3 Ground Floor Side Entrance (Next to Starbucks)

4 Third Floor Entrance (Above Molly Fantasy)  


Mall Lifts

1 Basement (Next to Burger King)

2 Ground Floor (Next to Bath Body Works)

3 First Floor (Next to Sembonia)

4 Second FLoor (Next to Digi)



1 Ground Floor (Next to Bath Body Works)

2 Second Floor (Next to Digi)