October 01, 2016

The Reformatory - Evil Knows No Mercy


Evil Knows No Mercy 


Jonah Trish (Prisoner No. IM00015), Sam Welding (Prisoner No. IM00016), Gina Joseph (Prisoner No. IM00033), and Brenda Johnson (Prisoner No. IM00034), death row prisoners who long protested their prison sentences and claimed to be innocent of the crimes they were convicted, were all sent to a secret prison facility to be reformed, or executed if the rehabilitation fails. This secret facility is known amongst the inmates as The Reformatory. No one actually knows what happens there, but prisoners sent there never returned.

They woke one day to find their cell doors opened. The block they were in was silent. They left their cells slowly and stepped into the corridor. Blood on the floor. No, it was everywhere! As they stepped further, they found their fellow inmates on their bed, dead and desecrated. A voice called out from the dark at the end of the corridor. Two wardens, crawling on the floor barely alive, with blood flowing from their hands reaching out to them, begging for help.

The prisoners started running, a slithering sound chasing after them. They ran, only to find another warden trying to pry open the rusty metal door at the other end of the corridor. The lights flickered and went out. The air turned cold. Awfully cold. Evil cold. Chills ran down their backs. A dark shadow was slowly approaching them, and it whispered, “No mercy.” Are they alive or dead? Venture into The Reformatory at Imago this Halloween to find out. If you dare…


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Jonah Trish, 囚犯编号IM00015 Sam Welding, 囚犯编号IM00016, Gina Joseph囚犯编号IM00033, Brenda Johnson囚犯编号IM00034都是死囚犯,





一天,Jonah Trish, Sam Welding, Gina Joseph & Brenda Johnson醒来,发现牢房门是开着的,他们所在的囚室很安静。